Monday, February 4, 2013

"if you go, we all grow"

We just had our first tournament for the year.  It was AWESOME!!! We have a saying, "if you go,we all grow."  This Saturday was proof that it is not just a saying but a fact.  Watching the students on Saturday was AMAZING.  It is incredible the amount of improvement that has been made by those that are competing regularly. 

With the 40th annual tournament coming up in West Virginia, I have been using that as a great example that if you go we all grow.  Our first year there, as we watched the finals at the end of the night, we all looked at each other and realized we really weren't at the caliber of some of the guys fighting.   None of us quit, we all came back to our "home" (Do Jang) with our family and began working hard.  Each year, year after year, we would go and lose.  Now, let's be about what is important.  It is most important to me that we represent ourselves well.  Win or lose.  But, I also believe if you are going to go, you should give your ABSOLUTE best.  And that is what we did over the years.  Several years into it, you would see some of our guys placing here and there.  Before long, it had been 3 years and our guys were always placing.  We had become the "third group" of true contenders.  And now we go again this year, but we are the defenders.  We have made our place there and done so with integrity and positive attitudes.  I always said that the way we act is what is most important, and it is.  But to see our School win with the same grace and humility is an amazing thing.  This is what we mean when we say "if you go, we all grow."  Think of the character that was build through losing.  Think of the spirit that was forged over many years in that training.  Think of the camaraderie of those involved.  Think of how this has had a part in making these people who they are, and what they give back.  It is truly amazing, and I look forward to the ride going forward!  It could be an incredible year in West Virginia and know that the R.T. Berry School will be well represented regardless of the outcome of matches. 

Victories and defeats will come and go, but our character can last for generations.

Master Berry
R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do
653 Brawley School Rd.
 Mooresville, NC 28117


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