Monday, January 21, 2013

What a School family is...

We have just celebrated our annual banquet for the top competitors from 2012.  This is the students and families that took advantage of the tournament opportunities through the year last year.  I am continually amazed by our School family every time we have a large event.  In talking with many of the parents, you are as well.  What a unique community we have, and I hope that we continue to recognize what a tool that is for all of us to grow as strong men and women.  It is an excellent reminder (the banquet) of not just to keep your life in perspective, but HOW to keep your life in perspective.  Our training and our School teach us a particular outlook on our lives, and those we choose to share in our lives.  An outlook with a positive, and concrete result.  We all lose our way or get off track at some point, but the outlook that training provides allows us to really see what is going on, and the training provides the tools to begin to move in the best direction.  Can you imagine learning this as a child?  It would change everything; your health, your career and jobs, your family, your marriage, your friendships, and you as a whole.  It is SO difficult to put into words what training gives to so many.  In talking to many at the event last weekend, it was refreshing that while none of us could put words to it, everyone could feel it.  I hope that every good person at some point gets to feel it, it would make the world a better place in so many ways!!!

Master Berry

R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do
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Mooresville, NC

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