Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 new years resolutions

2013  -  New year  - new goals

For years we have discussed our new years "resolution's" through training and with a martial mindset.  It turns out, that a new month resolution is far more productive than a new YEAR resolution.  We learn in our training that you must start at the first belt, and set small goals leading up to our larger goals and accomplishments.  I explain this often to the younger kids by explaining how you use a ladder.  The 'goal' is to get to the (let's say) 4th step.  Well what is the first thing you do.  Most people answer that the first thing to do is step on the first step.  While that is kid of true, it does presume that the ladder is already set up.  That is to say, that the environment is already set up for success.  Just like we must set up our ladder before we begin to climb.  Many times in our goal making, not only do we jump ahead to the big goal without breaking it down, we also neglect a good thorough thought about the environment we are putting ourselves in to accomplish the goal.  This is one of the major reasons training is so good for us.  It puts us in the environment to excel.  For many outsiders they only see the surface of the training and it looks to them like we are all having to be the same.  This is far from true.  Once you dig, (or train) you can see openly what that environment is doing for you.  We begin to see and learn that everyone is training THEMSELVES to be better at what THEY want to improve in themselves.  It is quite a realization to watch others go through.  As we all step back and set new goals or resolutions remember to prepare an environment to succeed.  It is one of the most important parts of goal setting, and the least covered, discussed, and thought about!

Have an AWESOME Day...and Happy New Year!

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