Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy "Valentimes" Day R.T. Berry School mooresville

Happy "Valentimes" Day!!!  It was 19 years ago today I began my journey in Martial Arts.  What an AMAZING ride it has been. I wish I could share what I have seen in words.  It is AMAZING to have been able to be a part of so many lives over the past 19 years and especially with the School for the last (almost) 12 years.  When the 'kids' are grown up and I ask them to reflect on their journey, and what they would tell families whose kids train.  They always say it is priceless.  That there is no words to describe what it has given them.  Many times I wish I could take my eyes out and lend them to a parent as they look to the future of their children and what they think is best for them.  If they could all see all of the examples, all of the boys and girls who went through rough times in training, all that stuck it out, all that had been allowed to stop and have come by to visit later in their life; then training would be a necessary part of their family life.  Since I am unable to do that (more than once anyway) I can only share my personal experience.  I can say for certain, that training is the greatest decision I have ever made for myself.  My training has certainly turned out great for me, but that is not why I say this.  Training has taught me an outlook on life that makes me genuinely happy!  What would I give up to allow 'my' children, our students this outlook.  Everything.  It is an absolutely priceless feeling to know that in your worst, you have the tools to turn things around for yourself.  Deep in your core, you have forge a spirit that when you lose your way, or life pushes you to a new course, you know WHAT needs to be done to get back on track and have the tools to do it.  I could wish nothing better on my students than this.  It is my intention to continue to share openly this art that we love, and in doing so, pass a life philosophy to as many as are willing to take part.  Thank you to everyone for your part in my journey.  No part is too small for me to appreciate greatly!!!!

Master Berry

R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do
653 Brawley School Rd.
Moroesville, NC 28117

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